How to Write a 10-Page College Research Paper Overnight

So let us try to write 10-page college research paper overnight. Thanks to the Internet that changes our lives, to write a 10-page assignment in one night is more than real. Let’s proceed to the action plan.

1. Formulate the subject. If the topic is given to you, you can skip this item.

2. Look for "source." This doesn’t mean that you will use plagiarism. The source code is needed to form the backbone of the assignment. On the Internet, try to search and select the material on the subject. This material will be used as a basis for future essay.

3. Now, "dig" deeper in order to manage to write 10-page college research paper overnight. You need to work with a search system on a narrower request. Let's look at an example, because at this stage it is essential to understand the methodology of selection of information on the Internet.

Let’s say you need to write a paper on "Personalities in the Second World War". It goes without saying that by simply writing the theme of the essay in the search box, you absolutely will achieve nothing. We'll have to "dig". Type in a search system query "Second World War". You will be offered links to articles on the general topic. Select any desired material, preferably small, because it will be used as "introduction."

Copy the text to a file; be sure to sign it so that in the future it was immediately clear to you what it is about. In addition, be sure to save the link. Having a foundation, we begin to erect the frame: look for personalities. Many articles contain the names of the heroes and key figures of the event. All of them we copy in a separate file - this will be the framework of our 10-page college research paper. Then we go to a deeper search: in the search line we write the names pf founded personalities and copy the material, do not forget to sign it, as it was mentioned above. As a result we get the base, the frame work and found information about individuals.

4. Combine information. In the introduction, we recommend briefly give an overview of the Second World War and articulate purpose: to review the event in the people.

5. Use the saved links: write a list of references.


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